What to do in Vigan, the most spanish city in the Philippines

Take a walk along the famous Mena Crisologo and take pictures of the old spanish houses right after sunset. Get yourself a freshly pressed sugar cane juice as an appetizer.

Visit the old St.Pauls Cathedral also known as Vigan Cathedral. When leaving the church to the left side door, you reach the Archbishop’s Palace which is perfect for a short, quiet break in the shade of the trees, away from all the noise on Plaza Salcedo.

Eat a delicious empanada at the boothes at Plaza Burgos next to the bell tower.

Take a coach ride. But make sure you catch a coach with a nice coach man who doesn’t hit the horsie. If you’re a real animal lover, you do the ride in the early morning or late afternoon when the sun is not burning yet/anymore.

Take a look at the Ayala Museum at the Burgos House. It summarizes the cultural history of northwest luzon on two stories.

Go to the Syquia Mansion, the former president Elpidio Quirino’s residence. It bears lots of old furniture and photographs used by the Quirino family. Also pay attention to the area around, where there are many other beautiful mansions to see.

Visit the market behind the cementary. Go up to the second level and buy some fresh fruit or vegetable. There’s the real deals going on.

If you have time left, take a tricycle to the Jar Factory Pagburnayan to practice pottery at the round table. It’s quite fun and enterance is free. But tips are obligatory.

The perfect ending of anyone’s stay is the dancing fountain show at Plaza Salceda which takes place every night at 7:30 pm. Don’t miss it. It lasts half an hour and is quite spectacular.





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