Bali 2: Lonesome Bikegirl on the road

It’s been a few exciting days travelling around Bali by scooter. Having chosen Sanur as a home base, I started from there and went up north. Here ar the most memorable and unique experiences and some personal achievements:

  • I travelled the streets of Denpasar by scooter without being killed. It makes me believe I drive the bike like a local 😉 Also, I have become an expert of travlling steep curvy roads in the mountain area.  
  • I was invited for lunch by a balinese hindu family when we shared a little hut in the Botanical Garden of Bedugul to escape from the heavy rainfall. 
  • Stopping on the side of the road to consult google maps, a small geko fell off the tree right onto my arm. I was so unprepared for that to happen that I shook him off immediately. Poor little guy must have felt all dizzy. 
  • A guy at the gas station started talking Bahasa to me. As surprised as I was, I answered quickly without asking anything back. Too bad. Though his assuming I’d speak Indonesian makes me feel proud. A few days later I had a whole conversation in Bahasa with a warung owner in Kedisan. When I left, she told me I was „pintar“ at speaking Bahasa, which means somewhat like intelligent. It made my day 🙂
  • I got used to the situation of random people coming up to me to lead me to their accomodation or resto, for example in Lovina or Sanur. Instead of being annoyed or unsure as in the beginning, I now make use of the situation to get directions or whatever information I need. 
  • I became friends with a yoga guru up on the mountain ridge north of lake Tamblingan. I got a free lesson of coffee processing and was invited to stay with his family as an English teacher for local schools in exchange of Indonesian lessons, accomodation and food. Sounds good to me! I’m definitely going to give that a thought.  
  • I got this huge hotel in Penelokan with a great view on mount and lake Batur all to myself (it was a little bit creepy I must confess). I managed to get 30% off and it was still way past my budget. So I made the staff serve me breakfast for dinner and some extra fruit. It was a great stay! 
  • I met this really nice guy at lake Batur. We started talking while I was eating Nasi Campur. I believed he was a „builder“ (his English wasn’t all too good) until he showed me his artwork. Beautiful paintings, painted very carefully out of lava powder and acryl. Excellent artistic work! After I departed, I felt bad of not having bought any of this lovely guy’s artwork.  
  • I took a road – or rather „off-road“ – connecting the street around Mount Batur and found myself in the middle of the huge lava field. It was very impressiv! It took me a while to reach the bumpy road’s ending but it was definitely worth it. 
  • I don’t feel uncomfortable bargaining anymore. The discussion about prices has become a regular everyday topic, just like the swiss peope’s small talk about the weather. 
  • I feel inspired by the people I met. As well by the locals as by the internationals. I have refound my love for languages. English, French, Bahasa. I want to improve all of them. 
  • Last but not least, I don’t despise Denpasar and the surrounding area anymore. In fact, I have started liking its crazy traffic, the racing around trucks, passing the over-the-top statues the place bears.  

Fisherman at Danau Bratan

After sunset

Spotting Mount Batur

Thick fog in Kintamani

Lovina Beach

Air Sarnih Natural Swimmingpool

Eating dinner at Hotel Madu Sari in Penelokan

Artist’s house in northern Bali


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